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Comprehensive background checks for all.

VBHRS makes the background check process easier for companies with our expertise and services. You can guarantee that our professionals conduct thorough background checks on incoming applicants, providing honest and accurate information for you to evaluate. We have the tools and resources needed to ensure efficient and secure results.

Our Background Check Package

  • SSN Trace
  • Criminal County Search (7-Year Address History)
  • Federal Criminal District Search (7-Year Address History)
  • Multi-State Instant Criminal Check With Verification
  • Locator Select
  • DOJ Sex Offender
  • FACISĀ® Level 3 Search
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • DMV Checks
  • Drug Testing

Verified Background & HR Solutions (VBHRS) feels a responsibility to our clients to provide them with our very best service. We take the time to listen to you and understand your background check needs and offer solutions.

Because we understand the importance of accurate Background Checks and the legal battles that can ensue if not done correctly, we focus on accuracy and compliance by reviewing all of our information and cross-referencing reports to be sure that all information is correct, in an effort to protect our clients. We have taken the additional steps of being certified with the FCRA, who monitors the industry, and we are also part of the Professional Background Screeners Association, so we can keep updated on industry trends, policies and changes to better serve you.

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